Hobbs Kitchen Shop

About the Business

Current actions:

  • Paper wrapping for goods
  • Plastic Free kitchen equipment and lifestyle goods
  • Use pencils instead of pens
  • Refill cleaning goods
  • Successfully putting pressure on suppliers to reduce plastic in deliveries
  • Banning carrier bags – once stock of bio-plastic bags has been used up

“Everybody can do a bit and as long as you are doing something and you are doing something consistently you can make a difference and you can help your customers make a difference. Things like not using teabags. Some of the manufacturers are changing, but we’ve got filters so you can have delicious tea without having to use teabags.

“You don’t have to be a café or a restaurant or food business. You can help other people make a difference in their lives and you can make a difference in yours. I was really surprised at how much single plastic we used, things like using disposable pens, I just had not thought about, wasn’t on my radar at all but a very easy change to make.”

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