Happy Dais Vintage

About the Business

Name: Daisy Puddifoot

Actions To Date:

  • No plastic carriers
  • No plastic tags
  • No plastic mailing bags/packaging
  • No plastic hangers
  • Recycled business cards
  • All clothing is recycled and second hand
  • Asks suppliers and customers to reuse packaging

“I’ve tried to do it since I started. Everything was recycled. All my packaging was old books and weird stuff … but as I got bigger I started using plastic packaging, as it seemed easier. But I’ve gone back to paper and, yes it’s more expensive, but I claw it back by posting second hand rather than first class and customers just wait an extra day.

“It’s just got to be sustainable for the planet – something has to drastically change. But for me it’s when you look at certain countries and the way that our consumer habits affect people that are less well off than us. Us being lazy and greedy is affecting other people adversely and it’s awful. The fashion industry is the worst for that and it’s a no brainer. All the clothing is second hand. I’m conscious of every little bit I do.”