c: Plastic Free PZ

Endpaper & Newlyn Books

About the Business

Name: Holly Hearn

Actions To Date:

  • Paper bags.
  • Swapped bubble envelopes to rigid card ones for sending web orders.
  • All wrapping paper is recyclable.
  • Now using bio paper tape for packaging.
  • Swapped to corrugated card instead of bubble wrap, or reusing bubble wrap if suppliers have sent it.
  • Collecting packing peanuts from supplier deliveries and reusing them for their own orders or giving to other shops to use.
  • Being more conscious about choosing stock which is plastic free.

Proposed Actions:

  • Will be making suppliers aware of Plastic Free Penzance and asking them not to use unnecessary plastic packaging.
  • Looking into an alternative to clear plastic sleeves.

“Somehow it’s become the norm that everything has to come in plastic. But actually, when you get rid of it, it doesn’t take long before people get used to it not being there. For example plastic bags – when we stopped offering them nobody complained at all. I was a bit worried that some people would, so it was a nice surprise that the response was all positive.

The biggest issue I have in the business is suppliers using plastic sleeves, particularly for cards. But I am going to making sure I mention Plastic Free Penzance to them all so they know what we are trying to achieve. Hopefully, it might make them think about other ways they can package their products.”

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