Daisy Laing Studio

About the Business

Current actions:

  • No plastic carrier bags
  • Re-use plastic covers that Vinyl records arrive in
  • Re-use bubble wrap from deliveries to wrap art/fragile goods
  • Paper wrapped loo roll
  • Refill cleaning products
  • Wrap furniture in blankets to deliver, rather than plastic
  • Use crockery, glasses and stainless steel cutlery for events and private views
  • Use re-use cups and bamboo products for events
  • Staff behaviours – refill and reuse

Proposed Action:

  • Putting pressure on suppliers not to send plastic packaging

“I just expect people to have bags. Generally people completely get it but occasionally for something that’s breakable or it’s raining … well, we just deal with it. I’ve lent people tote bags before and they’ve brought them back!

“One thing we do have is the plastic covers that the vinyl comes in. I keep the records in them to display in the shop, and I offer them out to customers to re-use as some want them to keep their records clean. But if not – we re-use them here too.”