Cornwall Contemporary

About the Business

Name: Sarah Brittan-Mansbridge

Actions To Date:

  • No plastic carriers
  • No plastic tape
  • All plastic packaging is recycled/reused through PackSwap
  • Corrugated card for packing
  • Events don’t use single-use plastic
  • Refill water bottles and coffee cups for staff

“We have to look after the world, because if we don’t take action now it’s too late. It’s really important to show that you are making the effort. For example, I was following the bin lorry the other day and I saw all this packaging coming out of the back of a local business and going straight into the bin lorry! So I stopped and said ‘Can you start recycling it?’ If you do it yourself and you tell other people and set an example, well it’s a snowball effect isn’t it.

“I think people are noticing what Penzance is trying to do. We get people in talking about it and it’s in the media. I think it’s a massively positive step that Penzance is taking and it’s really important. We’re proud to do our bit and in everything we do we are consciously thinking ‘Can we do this better and is it environmentally sound?’. It’s important we all try and do better”