Coco Loco

About the Business

Name: Emma Vowles

Action to Date:

  • Stock glass drinks/water bottles
  • Baggasse take-away boxes
  • Paper Straws
  • Refuses to hand out single use cutlery
  • Re-uses glass bottles and bottle lids
  • Recycling Collections

Planned Action:

  • Investigating alternative to single use serviettes
  • Considering Refill scheme and discounts on re-useable bags.
  • Investigating food waste collection
  • Researching the best take-away alternatives
  • Challenging suppliers on delivery packaging

“I was a dinner lady at Penwith College and we sold a stupid amount of chips every day. We used those yellow polystyrene containers and seeing the amount of rubbish that came out of that really made me aware of how much waste there was and how ridiculous it was. From one dinner serving you’d have bin bags full of containers and it always made me feel a bit guilty. So, I always said if I was going to do takeaways I’d never use them.

“I feel I have to. I don’t feel it’s a particular cause for me I have to say, but I am quite thrifty. I don’t throw any food away, it’s given to staff etc. I’m conscious of not creating bins full of rubbish. If I was doing thirty takeaways and they were all going home with plastic bags and containers, I wouldn’t feel good about that and I don’t think customers would either. It’s a feel good factor – because we’re doing healthy home-made food I want that to be the whole package.

“It’s about your message. If you’re going to make home-made food and use local produce, then why put it in a horrid plastic tub? Why do that? It doesn’t fit in with what you’re doing as a chef. I don’t want to be part of that.”