c: Plastic Free PZ

Castallack Farm Cottages

About the Business

Name: Rachel and Nick Hood

Action to Date:

  • Homemade jams and marmalade decanted into glass jars
  • No plastic water bottles in rooms
  • No milk sachets, jugs of fresh milk available to guests
  • Cardboard bud sticks
  • Refuse single use bathroom kits
  • Refill or plastic free toiletries
  • Refill cereal jars
  • Refill cleaning products
  • Buy plastic free ingredients as much as possible for the kitchen
  • Hessian bags in rooms for guest recycling
  • Promote Plastic Free PZ’s ‘Three Things You Can Do’ to visitors and in rooms


“We don’t want to leave too much of an impact from our business. It’s really disheartening when you see the news and all the plastic. But every little bit makes a difference and it helps my conscience if nothing else!

“It’s a very difficult message to get through because when people are on holiday they sometimes leave behind their principles. It’s really strange. Almost anything goes when you’re on holiday and you do things you wouldn’t necessarily do at home. This will hopefully make them think.

“Cornwall’s population goes up to 5 million in the summer so if every accommodation provider tried to get the message through then it will mean all those extra people who are creating a big puddle of rubbish, can do something. You’ve got to try to influence somehow.”

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