Cash Your Clutter

About the Business

Name: Neil Potter

Actions To Date:

  • Water refill point with glass bottles and reuse cups/glasses
  • Cardboard and tissue paper packaging
  • Sourced a cardboard packaging product for larger art items, to eliminate bubble wrap
  • Any bubble-wrap that is still used is always second hand/re-used wrap
  • New stock from house clearances etc. is transported to the shop in plastic free packaging
  • No carrier bags – paper bags only
  • Only sell second hand items
  • Promote zero waste and re-use lifestyle through instagram and social accounts


Future action

  • Join Pack Swap PZ scheme
  • Fundraise to support local plastic free initiatives

“We live in a beautiful place like Cornwall and it’s so sad. I spend a lot of time on the beach metal detecting and I’m constantly picking up plastic. There are so many better options now than single-use plastic. In this sort of industry it’s difficult, because we have to package things up properly and make sure they’re secure, but we’ve managed to get it down to zero. If we can get do it, there are industries where it should be a lot easier and there’s no reason why we all can’t make an effort.

“I think Penzance is doing fantastically well at the moment. There will always be more that can be done but compared to a lot of towns and places we are really championing it. You hear people talking about it all the time and there’s a good buzz around it. I’ve seen an enthusiasm to do something and because it just focuses on Penzance, people feel picking up plastic or changing their buying habits is having a significant impact where they live … rather than being a drop in the ocean nationally.”