Bys Vyken Race Events

About the Business

Name: David Andrewartha, founder.

Action to Date:

  • Cupless events brought in. No runner can compete without a re-useable collapsible cup
  • Use water containers to refill cups at check points
  • Runners have to carry hydration systems (re-useable water bladders)
  • Wooden cutlery, stainless steel cutlery and crockery at race HQ and finishes
  • Battery recycling so head torch batteries aren’t thrown away onto courses
  • Waste separated and recycle as much as possible
  • Community events to raise awareness of looking after our environment
  • Swapped to compostable cups for beer/coffee

Proposed Actions:

  • Looking at alternatives to hazard tape and marking out courses
  • Looking at alternatives to zip lock bags for maps
  • Aiming for every event to be Cupless by 2019

“It was one event that sparked it. I generated seven bags of rubbish from an event with 40 people, and it was mostly plastic. I felt quite embarrassed and ashamed, especially knowing it wasn’t going to be recycled either. So I started looking at all the things I could change and I am working my way through the list.

“I think it’s brilliant that individually someone can make a change, because put it all together and we can make a huge, huge change. If we start putting out ideas as to what we want to do, other people will start to see the changes they can make at work or at home.”