Blue Seas Hotel

About the Business

Name: Arnaud and Fiona, Owners

Current actions:

  • No single use plastic bottles in rooms
  • Refill aluminum water bottles available for guest use
  • Refill water & glasses in lounge area
  • Refill toiletries in rooms from local supplier Pure Nuff Stuff
  • Reusable wrapping, greaseproof paper & containers
  • Individual refillable pots of jam, butter, yogurt and sugar
  • Canvas recycling bag with clear instructions
  • Wooden and metal cutlery and paper bags for guest packed lunches
  • Refill cleaning products sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers
  • Refill homemade granola and cereal in glass jars
  • Homemade yoghurt in glass jars
  • Herbs used in food preparation grown in garden
  • Plastic Free info in rooms

Proposed Actions:

  • Investigating alternatives for individual milk and biscuits in guests rooms

“I think we are only going in one direction. If we don’t do anything, that’s it! We are at war with plastic. We are from a generation where we are all throwing away plastic as if it is normal, without realising it’s wrong. We need to slowly change our minds and reverse the damage that has been done.Now we know, no excuse, it has to be done”

“It’s not that hard to do, when you have changed one thing for a week, you forget having used that throw-away plastic at all! We are not inventing anything now. We are from a generation of craziness and we are going back to normal and nothing more, just common sense.”