Blacks of Chapel Street

About the Business

Name: Susan Smith, owner

Actions To Date:

  • Paper Straws on demand
  • No plastic bottled drinks
  • Mug Exchange for takeaway coffees
  • Recyclable cups available
  • Beer is on a new system to reduce plastic containers
  • Use local produce to reduce packaging and lower food miles
  • Happy to do water refills
  • Golowan Refill Cup Scheme

Proposed action:

  • Thinking about selling re-useable straws
  • Continue to pressure suppliers to reduce plastic

“We’re doing a lot more than I realised! When you think about it you see what you’ve actually done, but there’s still some to do. The big one was the plastic straws. Some people bring in their own in now and we may get some in to sell to see how it goes over the summer.

“All our fruit and veg comes locally and in crates and cardboard that can be sent back and re-used. But plastic milk bottles are the big thing, it’s more expensive to get it in glass, so I’m still trying to find a way around that. I have looked into it and it’s something I want to do. We’ll just have to wait and see.”