Black Jacket Vintage clothing shop interior

Black Jacket Vintage

About the Business

Owner: Victoria Wright
Current actions:
  • No plastic carriers – paper bags
  • No plastic postal bags – we only use eco friendly paper postal bags for our online customers
  • No plastic tape – We only use paper packing tape
  • No plastic hangers – wooden hangers and all fixtures and fittings are second hand
  • Recycle & Reuse any plastic packaging received via stock deliveries
  • Only offer digital receipts to reduce waste paper
Proposed actions:
  • Planning a ‘rework’ collection of remade vintage clothing to reduce any wasted, unwanted, unusable garments to make them into   new one off pieces. Reducing  wasted or unsellable items.
  • Raising awareness of the impact of fast fashion on the environment in an effort to encourage people to buy in to more sustainable fashion products and practices.
Victoria says: “Being a plastic free business goes hand in hand with the vintage clothing culture. Encouraging sustainable slow fashion is really important to reduce the impact of cheap fast fashion brands. Vintage clothing offers a good quality, affordable, and more ethical way to wear the clothes we love. It makes sense to ensure that sustainable fashion also operates within a plastic free environment, otherwise we are trading one problem for another.
“I love Penzance for its variety, the people, the businesses and the styles. It’s a great vibrant town that often gets overlooked or a bad rep. I’d like to help change this view in any way I can and to highlight all the diverse independent businesses and great community that Penzance has to offer.”