Archie Brown’s

About the Business

Name: Helen Swift

Action to Date:

  • Baggasse takeaway food containers and plates
  • Wooden cutlery
  • Water and drinks sold in glass bottles.
  • Water refills
  • Coffee refills
  • Jute and cotton bags on offer
  • Refill dried goods
  • Refill Milk machine
  • Refill Scheme on household cleaning products
  • Sell sustainable alternatives such as soap bars, bamboo toothbrushes, unwrapped goods and other plastic free alternatives
  • Source plastic free fruit and veg from local suppliers
  • Food arrives in sacks from suppliers
  • Recycle waste

Planned Action:

  • Researching how to become a totally plastic free store.

“We try and buy veg from local suppliers so it isn’t in plastic bags and we’ve asked our veg wholesaler not to put things in plastic bags. We buy sacks of everything that we can. We’ve encouraged our dried goods wholesaler to use a biodegradable wrapping and as much as can comes in paper sacks. We don’t use any plastic takeaway goods and we recycle any plastic we do use.

“Anybody can bring in any plastic or reusable bottle from home and refill things like toilet cleaner, laundry liquid, conditioner, washing up liquid and hand soap. We have a new company called Splosh where you use dissolvable sachets to make up the products. We have to do what we can.

“It just makes you feel better that you’re doing all you can to keep the environment clean. Especially when we’re surrounded by the sea and you see all the plastic on the beaches. It’s got to make you feel better when you look at it and think; I haven’t contributed to that and I’m doing my bit to try and persuade other people not to contribute to it”