Got Business Know How?

We can all make a personal decision to cut the amount of throwaway plastic in our lives and Plastic Free PZ is all about encouraging that and giving handy tips and advice as to how to go about it. Our actions as consumers can absolutely influence change up the chain. If we are asking for less plastic and refusing to buy single-use plastic, businesses and organisations listen. They have to. We live in a consumer society and at the end of the day it’s all about supply and demand.

The great thing is that in Penzance businesses and suppliers are listening. Our local businesses are the ones best placed to take action and make change quickly, as opposed to the big boys who are more juggernaut-like to turn round! So we work with and champion businesses for a number of reasons.

  1. By encouraging businesses to tackle throwaway, single-use items we are reducing the flow of plastic waste into our community. We are also making it easier for individuals and families to shop plastic-free and make more sustainable choices.
  2. That in turn supports our local economy. People looking to cut their plastic consumption want to know where they can shop and what the alternatives are. Their local high street is the answer and signposting to those making the change drives business to them and our town.
  3. Plastic Free Champion businesses can act as mentors, share what they’ve learnt and are an example that others can follow. They’ve started the plastic free journey and show that it can be done.
  4. Businesses can break ground, promote a new unique selling point, stand out and stand proud in the action they are taking to benefit the wider community and environment. Positivity and positive action is a killer tool.
  5. Future proofing. Things are going to change, they have to. The government is looking at single-use plastic and measures to reduce its impact. Laws and other requirements will be brought in. So by getting involved now, businesses can get ahead of the game and set their house in order before the kosh comes down, ultimately saving time and money.

We have over 50 business champions right now and are aiming for more by the end of the year as we work with at least another 25 on achieving the Plastic Free Champion award. What does that mean? It basically means they have removed at least three single use items from their business and have a plan to look at the rest. It means they are setting an example and a strong message about what our town is about, supporting our local high street as well as protecting our amazing environment. You can spot them by looking out for their SAS Plastic Free Communities certificate and plaque.

Just look at the beautiful town we live in and its surroundings. How amazing to be actively working to make it a better place for all, in terms of both our environment and economy!

So … vote with your pound! As consumers we hold the key to change.

You can get a copy of our Business Toolkit by emailing [email protected]

Check out our Plastic Free Champions in the Business Directory to get more ideas and tips.